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The History of Besut District

There is very little written evidence found on this district. The great traveler, Munshi Abdullah, however did note about Besut during his travels to Kelantan in his book ‘Tuffatul Nafis' written by Raja Ali Haji.

Due to the lack of written evidence on the history of Besut, there are therefore several versions to the history of Besut.

One of the legend was that of a story about the naming of Besut. It has that this district was then under the rule of Siam. The name Besut came from the word ‘Be' which means ‘district' in Siamese, while ‘sut' means ‘an area that is very far away' or ‘at the end'. This story might  possibly be true as Bangkok is definitely very far away from this district.

Another legend was that the name Besut came when in the early days this district was ruled by a king named Raja Sang Nyanya. He was a very cruel pirate chief and because of that not many people wanted to live there. It was only after his death that people started settling there and one of the group are the people from Pangan. There leader was called Besut and it was that the name Besut was named after the Pangan leader.

Location Of Besut District

TERENGGANU DARUL IMAN is an East Coast state of Peninsular Malaysia which is rich in earth and sea wealth and progressively developing in various sectors. This state is situated between 102.25 latitudes and 4.0 5.50 longitudes in the world map. Bordering with Kelantan in the north and north-west and Pahang in the south and south-west, Terengganu has an area of about 1,295,638.3 hectares or1,295,512.1 hectares under it's administration. There 7 districts under the state's administration including Besut, Dungun, Hulu Terengganu, Kemaman, Kuala Terengganu, Marang and Setiu

BESUT is a district situated in the northern part of Terengganu and bordering with Kelantan in the north and west. This district is surrounded by South China Sea along the east coast and is erected by Titiwangsa Range in it's west. There are 15 mukimsin the administration of Besut which includes Keluang, Kuala Besut, Bukit Puteri, Pengkalan Nangka, Hulu Besut, Jabi, Kerandang, Pelagat, Lubuk Kawah, Pasir Akar, Tembila, Kampung Raja, Tenang, Kubang Bemban and Bukit Kenak.

Map of Besut through Google map

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