Coordinate and process KM, Building Plan 90% applicationsare resolved
Distribute development proposals to the Technical department for review / recommendation 3 working days after the application is registered if the application is complete
Coordinate and conduct OSC committee meetings Twice a month
Provide application resultsnotification letter 7 working days after the meeting is held
Undertake infrastructureplan reviewswithin the set timeframefor complete documents 14 working days
Handle public facilities / infrastructuredamage complaints Minor Cases- 7 working days
Major Cases- 14 working days
Undertake building plan reviewswithin the set timeframefor complete documents 14 working days
CFO/CCC Issuance 14 working days
Provide KM and landscape plan reviews for complete documents 14 working days
KM certificate 7 working days
Land development reviewdevelopment for complete documents 90 days
Notice of Valuation List amendments 30 days after the decision of the meeting
Produce lease offer letter to candidates 14 working days
Issuance of notice of rent arrears More than 3 months in arrears
Licence Approval within the set timeframefor complete documents a.YDP Approval
  -30 Days
b.Committee Approval
  -60 Days
Licence Renewal Immediatelyfor those who are eligible
Provide training for staff competency 80% of employees receive 8 days of training per year
Evaluate the performance of suppliers 80%  Grade A and B supplier
Appointment of staff 6 months from the date of advertisement
Resolvecomplaints regarding computer software and hardware


a. Software -14 working days
b. Hardware -30 working days
Periodic preventive maintenance 100% meeting  the projected collection
Manage Revenue Collection 80% meeting the projected amount
Reimburseclaims as per requirement 14 working days
Handling of public complaints a.Channel complaintsto dept/div/ unit – 3 working days
b.Resolve cases – 7 working days
c.Resolve major cases – 14 – 30 working days
Achieve customer satisfaction 70% customer satisfaction